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Anal beads

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What are anal beads?

A chain with multiple balls delivering anal pleasure. Anal beads belong among the classic sex toys and are often also called anal rosary or anal chain. Anal beads consist of two or more balls placed close to each other. In models with more widely spaced balls, connectors are seen to hold the balls together. Pretty much like a chain! In many cases, you may find models where the size of the beads on the anal rosary vary. Each successive bead presents a new challenge, bringing with it the incredible feeling of ecstasy.

How to use anal beads?

The anal beads are gently inserted, bead by bead, into the anus. In case you have no experience in using an anal rosary, it is a good idea to approach slowly. As with all other anal toys, with anal beads it is important to be relaxed, prone and most importantly aroused! The physiology of the anal sphincter is such that it is always tight, so you can easily damage it if you strain it too much and suddenly. Never rush, relax and enjoy!

A solid amount of anal lubricant is a must for anal play. It is generally a good idea to apply it to both the anal balls and the anus itself. You can incorporate the application of the lubricant into the foreplay and thus subtly move on to the actual fun. When you are relaxed you will feel the right moment for the careful insertion of the anal rosary. Identical to insertion, removal should also happen slowly and carefully while experiencing new pleasures – ball by ball!

Anal beads - a pleasurable experience

Anal beads can be used for both solo fun and foreplay with a partner. The toy can also be used just as a preparation before anal sex. However, before it is a good idea to ensure the necessary hygiene using an anal shower. The best way to insert the anal beads is to be in a relaxed position and use lubricant. The smaller the size of the first bead of the anal rosary, the easier penetration will be. True sex toy lovers who have already gained a little experience can safely choose a model with a larger diameter of the first bead. The only important thing for everyone is to approach carefully and slowly, as the anus is filled with a huge amount of neurons, making it very sensitive.

Who are anal beads for?

Anal beads are suitable and used with great pleasure by both men and women. They can be used by people with and without experience in anal fun. It is just important to mention that you should always clearly define your boundaries and listen to yourself! There are a multitude of different models available, making finding a suitable anal bead option a relatively easy endeavor. Especially for men, we also recommend looking into prostate stimulators, which definitely lead to unimaginable orgasms.

Where to buy anal beads?

What better place to purchase your new anal beads discreetly online than KEX? We’re your sex toy expert for men, women and couples. We offer literally everything you need in your sexual adventures. Here you’ll also find multifunctional sex toys for couples that excite three erogenous zones simultaneously – the penis, clitoris and anus. We recommend using an anal douche to clean the anus before having anal sex.

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