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Prostate stimulators

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What is a prostate stimulator?

Prostate massagers come under the category of sex toys for men. Although they are somewhat underrated by the stronger sex, they can enhance the sex act significantly and increase men’s pleasure levels many times over. The prostate massager is most commonly used anally because the vibrations stimulate the prostate very intensely this way. If inserting it anally bothers you, you can use it by pressing it against the perineum (the space between the testicles and the anus). This way you have the possibility to adjust the pressure and the movements.

What makes prostate massage so arousing?

Stimulation of the prostate gland during sex is extremely neglected. As mentioned in the beginning, the physical benefits of prostate massage are numerous, which is why it is also important to share more information on the topic. Some of the positives are improving erectile functions and regulating incontinence.

The gland is as large as a walnut and is involved in the reproductive process, secreting a secretion that mixes with seminal fluid from the testicles. Enzymes contained in the secretion help sperm function and improve male potency. Since the prostate is rich in nerve endings, it is also logically a very erogenous zone. It is considered the G-spot of men, which is the main reason why its stimulation during sexual intercourse is of great importance. Its exact location is below the bladder, and the urethra is surrounded by it. Using a prostate massager causes intense and prolonged ejaculation. When touched, the gland contracts and relaxes and the urethra pulsates. This also makes it possible to reach orgasm during prostate stimulation, even without the penis being part of foreplay.

How to use the prostate massager?

As you already know, there are two ways to use the prostate stimulator – externally and internally (anally). It is important to use lubricant to enjoy the pleasure as much as possible, this is even mandatory if you are going to massage the gland from the inside. The lubricant will ensure a gentle and painless insertion and removal of the sex toy. Remember that you need to be completely relaxed, and for faster and easier penetration you can squat or lie on your side. Due to its specific shape and size, placed in the anus, the prostate massager squeezes the gland very precisely.

Types of prostate stimulators.

As with all sex toys, prostate vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

  • There are those that are flat at one end, ensuring that the massager won’t go too far into the man’s anus.
  • Other prostate stimulators come with a built-in accessory for the member and/or testicles, such as a penis ring that increases the hardness of the erect member.
  • Prostate massagers with a second arm are in turn used for additional stimulation of the perineum. In this way, the prostate is stimulated both externally and through the anus, which enhances the effect as much as possible.
  • Prostate vibrators can also be remote controlled. If you opt for this kind of sex toy you will be able to use it outside your home, controlling every second of your partner’s pleasure. It is recommended if you are adventurous and willing to experiment.
  • Waterproof prostate stimulators are also available, suitable for people who prefer to have sex in the shower. These toys are very handy in case you are going to use an anal accessory for the first time and feel most comfortable doing it in the bathroom.

What is the difference between prostate massagers and other types of anal vibrators?What is the difference between prostate massagers and other types of anal vibrators?

All varieties of prostate stimulators can be used as anal vibrators, but not vice versa. The reason why not all anal toys are suitable for prostate massage is the shape itself. The shape of those tailored specifically for this purpose is specific and directly targets the P-spot. This also makes the G-shape of prostate vibrators perfect for reaching anal orgasm.

Who can use prostate massagers?

As it is perhaps clear from the information so far, these sex toys would be more suitable for any male. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter here, what matters more is your inclination to experiment. No matter if you use the prostate stimulator alone or with your partner, strong orgasms and unforgettable foreplay are guaranteed!

Cleaning and care of prostate vibrators.

Perfect cleaning is an absolute must no matter the type of sex toy. It is recommended that prostate massagers be cleaned with warm water and soap if they are waterproof, and with a damp cloth if they are not. Then you should disinfect the toy with a special cleaner for this type of accessory. This applies with full force when it comes to anal vibrators.

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