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Anal douches

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Anal douche - cleanliness back there

Anal douching is often the preferred method to achieve the desired hygiene before anal sex. At the same time, a large number of models give you extra pleasure while ensuring that the back entrance is “empty” as well as completely clean. It is also suitable for other occasions, which we have detailed in the following lines as a guide on how to use an anal shower.

How does the anal douche function?

For purely hygienic reasons, the anal douche is used to pass water through the anus to clean the rectum. This water is subsequently discarded to remove the fecal residue in an easy and gentle way. It is a good idea to repeat and shake the process until the liquid that is excreted is as clean as possible. It is necessary to use clean water with a temperature of about 34-37 degrees Celsius. It is also necessary to angle the body at the right angle when placing the anal douche to avoid unnecessary pain and injury.

  • It consists of a ball serving as a pump and a very narrow elongated bore. The ball is filled with water, and the oblong part is inserted into the anus using a water-based lubricant. The ball is squeezed to force the water into the rectum. The contaminated water is flushed down either the toilet or the shower.
  • There is also an anal shower, which is an attachment for the shower, replacing the head.
  • Caution: large amounts of water create tremendous pressure in the intestines, which can lead to injuries. Be careful when adjusting the force of the water! Do not turn the water tap all the way!

How to use anal douche?

Anal lavage is a very suitable preparation before anal sex in case you suffer from constipation or if you feel burning and itching in the anal area. The anal douche is suited for feeling the rectum from the inside for a clean and pleasant experience.

  1. You can safely be upright in the bath or shower when using the anal douche. In case you are more comfortable lying down, it is a good idea to put a towel under you to avoid getting dirty.
  2. Fill the shower with warm water close to body temperature. Be careful not to overdo the heat, as the intestinal mucosa contains no neurons to sense temperature and you can easily burn yourself without feeling it.
  3. It is necessary to fill the shower with water to the top to avoid air entering the rectum. Do not use soap.
  4. To facilitate penetration, you can use a little water-based lubricant.
  5. Lift one foot on the edge of the tub, on the shower wall, and lean forward slightly. In case you are lying on your back, spread your legs and stretch them.
  6. Insert a small part of the anal douche to relax the anal muscles. Wait until you feel yourself getting used to it. Inhale deeply. The moment you exhale, insert the nozzle deeper into the rectum, about 3 to 4 cm.
  7. Now is the time to squeeze the soft ball of the shower to get the warm water into the rectum. With a gentle squeeze of the rubber body, the water is delivered slowly, and with more pressure – quickly. Anal rinsing should be done slowly and gently, as experience has shown that using the anal douche slowly feels more pleasurable.
  8. Gently pull the nozzle outward when the shower water is fully in the rectum. Be sure to keep pressure on the soft balloon, as if you release it the contaminated water will come back out.
  9. Hold the water in your bowel for at least two minutes, squeezing your anus muscles. You should squeeze like this when you really want to go to the toilet. 
  10. After this time has passed, relax and let the water run out. It will probably be brownish. Repeat the process until clear water starts coming out. This brings the anal cleaning to an end.

The intestinal mucosa is so sensitive that it is better to avoid the excessively frequent use of enemas, as injuries are possible. It is advisable not to cross the limit of two cleanings a week to protect your intestinal flora.

Enema is beneficial!

Anal douches are not just a suitable way to prepare for anal adventures, but can also be used in normal body care. Any hygiene-conscious person can undergo an enema from time to time for internal cleansing of the rectum with the help of an anal douche. Although it is mostly sold as a sex toy nowadays, its origin is from medicine and is definitely still commonly used there as well.

Not only the experience of fans of anal stimulation, but also that of doctors and patients show that internal cleanliness and hygiene are prerequisites for good health. This predisposes to the use of anal douching. It allows easy anal cleaning of parts of the body that we could not reach without aids. People’s experience confirms long-term well-being as a result of use according to instructions. Apart from anything else, the health aspect of periodic anal flushing cannot be ignored. Many anal douche users have found that it brings soothing and relief to problems such as anal itching and inflammation.

Besides the anal douche, you can also do the following things as preparation for anal sex

To make sure everything goes smoothly without incident, you can take advantage of the following tips:

  • Use the anal douche on time! It can take up to an hour for the water to drain, so give yourself plenty of time.
  • Watch out for hygiene! Always clean the anal douche thoroughly before and after use.
  • We recommend using a little lubricant for easier penetration.
  • If you have frequent anal sex, the use of foods rich in fiber is recommended. This will improve digestion as well as ensure regular bowel movements. Limit eating foods that you may be more sensitive to – such as spicy foods. These irritate the bowels and anus when passing bowel movements, preventing you from having anal sex.

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