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Remote controlled vibrators

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Why use a remote controlled vibrator?

A remote control vibrator is a suitable way to bring a fresh lick of passion into a couples sex life. For some couples who have been together for a while, there comes a point where they feel like they’ve tried everything and there’s nothing left to surprise them, which means a little more excitement is welcome. Remotely controlled toys can help get through these periods devoid of burning passion. A remote control vibrator is a perfect way to awaken arousal and rediscover the playful in a relationship.

Remote controlled vibrators: 4 models to choose from

Remote vibrators come in all shapes and sizes: the classic vibrator that is inserted into the vagina and controlled with a remote or mobile app, as well as clitoral stimulators or something in between. There are also anal vibrators with a remote control, as well as vibro-balls. In the following lines, we will look at the most common models:

Vibro eggs

The ovoid shape and small size of this vibrator make it extremely suitable for insertion into the vagina. In case the mini vibrator has an elongated shape, it is customary to call it a vibro bullet because of its resemblance to firearm cartridges. Vibrating vaginal balls can also be said to fall under the category of vibro eggs. More common are models made of silicone, which is waterproof, flexible, and skin-stinging. The use of a water-based lubricant in any case facilitates insertion, plus it can also be used in foreplay. Once the dildo is inserted into the vagina it is relatively difficult to tell that it is actually inside. Of course, things change pretty quickly when your mate takes the remote in hand.

Remote controlled rabbit vibrator

The model is suitable for both couples and solo men and women. The many different vibration rhythms and intensity forces are perfect for prostate stimulation. Some of the remote control vibrators also have rotating parts inside the toy that stimulate the anal muscles. Often the vibration, intensity and rotation can be controlled more separately so you can hit the right combination to bring you to ecstasy. Additionally, the remote can control the toy from at least a few feet away. By the way, it is best to make use of the remote when having fun with your anal vibrator or vibrating anal dilator.

Remote controlled anal vibrator

This type of vibrator with remote is suitable for stimulating both partners at the same time, as it inserts into the vagina and carries the pleasurable vibrations through the clitoris and G-spot to the partner’s penis and testicles. In most cases, these vibrators are waterproof and made of velvety soft silicone that envelops the body and powerful vibrator motors. The remote makes sure you don’t get distracted by the controls of the toy, and you can fully indulge in the pleasure.

Why choose a vibrator with a remote?

The name “sex toy” alone defines in a very good way how you can have fun in the bedroom or anywhere else you decide. A remote vibrator is actually a pretty good choice to achieve just that: the partner can use the remote to deliver unexpected vibrations and extra excitement stemming from not knowing what’s coming. Perfect for diversifying foreplay!

This type of toy is also suitable for couples who reach climax in an inharmonious way making it difficult to achieve during sex. Sex toys can be useful for a woman to reach orgasm who can’t cum without clitoral stimulation during sex with her partner. The right toy, in this case a vibrator with a remote, will take care of reaching the pleasure she dreams of.

Also, some vibrators of this type can be used while out and about, as they fit in your panties and can be operated with the remote either by yourself or your partner without anyone noticing.

FAQ about remote controlled vibrators

Why is a remote control vibrator worth it?

The advantage of this type of vibrator is that you can control the pleasure from a distance, thanks to the remote or the mobile app, without the need to press the buttons on the toy to adjust the vibrations or the intensity. At the same time, they’re perfect for handing over control of your pleasure to your partner, leaving yourself at their hands and mercy.

What models are available?

There are many different models of remote control vibrators! Among them you can find clitoral stimulators, mini vibrators (vibro bullets), vibro eggs, as well as anal vibrators and vibrating penis rings. The different models are adapted to the stimulation of different erogenous zones – clitoris, G-spot or prostate.

How much does a remote control vibrator cost?

The price of a vibrator with remote ranges from about 20-30 leva to 200 and more for the more luxurious models. Mainly the price depends on the brand, features and materials the toys are made of. However, some stores are cheaper than others and you can find quite a few of the toys at a bargain price. That’s why we have selected models that we can deliver to you on attractive terms.

Which is the best vibrator with remote?

The answer to this question lies in your personal preference. Before you buy, you need to think about exactly which erogenous zones you want to stimulate and what control over vibration and intensity you would like to have.

Is a vibrator with a remote or a mobile app better?

That also depends a lot on what you personally prefer. In case you will use the toy entirely and only in the bedroom, perhaps a remote controlled model is enough for you. If you’re in a remote relationship, an app-controlled toy would probably be the better choice. Some products offer both options at the same time. There’s a huge selection on the market and an extreme amount of variation, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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