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Anal toys

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Anal toys for anal pleasure

Anal toys come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Whether it’s made of hard metal or soft silicone, whether it’s a fixed anal dilator or a removable anal dildo – when used properly, an anal toy of this type brings amazing moments of satisfaction to not only women, but men as well. What is the reason for this? The anus is an extremely sensitive erogenous zone due to the presence of a large number of nerve endings, and their stimulation results in a particularly strong arousal. This is why anal stimulation is described as particularly exciting. However, especially beginners should not rush the games as they should act slowly and carefully in order not to hurt or cause pain to themselves or their partner. Once they have discovered the pleasure of using anal toys, however, an anal orgasm can be said to be even more intense than the moment of climax from a vaginal orgasm.

What types of anal toys are there?

Anal sex can get an extra boost with the many different products that exist. These include, for example, anal rosaries and anal beads, which spread waves of pleasure through your body when slowly pulled thanks to the many different sized elements.

Some of the most well-liked anal toys are the simply arranged suction cup dildos. This type of toy can often be used in conjunction with a strap-on harness, as the base is particularly suitable for gripping.

There are also anal vibrators, similar to vaginal ones, that are equipped with one or two motors for pleasurable vibrations. Their shape is adapted to the anatomical structure of the rectum. There are also those with rotating heads, a thrusting function resembling real sex and different vibration levels.

Which anal toys are suitable for beginners?

The question of what should be the first anal toy probably concerns a lot of people, but we might disappoint you a bit with a relatively short answer: just try what you like the most in terms of appearance and type of stimulation! In any case, it’s a good idea to take it slow and steady at first and don’t go for the biggest size first time.

Proper preparation

The use of anal toys to some extent requires prior preparation to reduce the risk of pain or injury. In order to relax the muscles of the anus it is good to be stimulated with fingers first. Lubricant can be said to be an integral part of anal sex as it is particularly useful for a smoother and gentler penetration. Lovers of this type of fun with more experience generally do not need this type of preparation and can usually start stimulation directly with a massage of the G-spot or prostate using an anal dilator or anal vibrator. Depending on personal preference, anal toys can be used in preparation for anal sex or incorporated into making love.

Care and hygiene

Especially with foreplay involving anal toys, proper hygiene and care are of utmost importance. It is advisable to clean the toy with water and a little soap immediately after use and then dry it with a paper or towel. If desired, a special sex toy cleaning spray can also be used for additional disinfection. They act antibacterial and antifungal, preventing the formation of germs. To make the pleasure of including anal dildos, anal rosaries, etc. in foreplay even more hygienic, you can also use an anal douche. It is filled with pleasantly warm water and inserted directly into the anus before using anal toys. In this way, nothing hinders pleasant and especially pure anal pleasure, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

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