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Lubricant for more exciting moments

Lubricants contribute to the smooth running of any sexual fun and protect mucous membranes and genitals from chafing. They also help to overcome the lack of natural lubrication in hormonal changes or stress, thus providing pleasurable emotions. By using lubricants and massage oils, you can discover new ways to enjoy each other’s company and stimulate romance. In case you are picky in your choice of such type of cosmetics, you are likely to like the products that act dual function and as massage oil. The products featured on this page have created formulas perfect for use in both solo fun and foreplay with a partner.

Lubricant with several applications

When it comes to erotica, there are quite a few forms of foreplay. And there are at least as many more reasons to use lube. The unique tingling feeling, the smooth transition from massaging to something more sensual, the naughty experimentation and rediscovering one’s own limits can all be achieved with the use of lubricating creams and gels.

What lube options exist?

You will come across a wide variety of lubricating gels and creams:

  • Moisturizer for vaginal dryness
  • Warming effect for more sensuality
  • Tingling effect
  • Relaxing effect
  • Massage oil or gel

After all, you can’t create experiences full of feelings without physical intimacy. Security and faith in a partner are very important in discovering sexuality and fulfilling personal fantasies. The right lubricant can the missing piece needed for him and her to have unique moments.

What types of lube will you find?

The individual types perform different functions, mainly categorized according to the ingredients from which they are made. Water-based lubricants are the most widely used type as they combine perfectly with silicone condoms and are suitable for use alongside sex toys. In some varieties there are additives creating different effects such as heating or tingling.

You need to consider whether the particular condom you intend to use is compatible with the cosmetic product you have to hand, as well as what kind of sex the chosen lubricant is suitable for – oral, vaginal or anal. The vagina has its own flora that should not be disturbed.

In case you are trying to have children, know that using lubricant can make the process more difficult as it interferes with sperm movement. However, most lubricating gels are not contraceptives.

How to properly use lubricant?

Perhaps the application of lubricant and its application in foreplay are the easiest things. However, as with any other cosmetic, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s directions for each case. This way you will learn, not only what amount is accepted to be used, but also what its specific uses are and what it cannot or can not be combined with. There are lubricants that break the integrity of latex condoms. With a water-based product, it is safe to say that you will always be well prepared for fun in combination with condoms and sex toys.

What to watch out for when choosing lube?

The most important factor to consider is what application you will be using the lube for and what your personal preferences are. You should also consider if you are prone to vaginal dryness or have a sensitivity to some of the ingredients in the product. This applies to both women and men, as anyone can experience intolerances that lead to redness and itching after contact with some of the components used to create a given lubricating gel.

Consider this quick guide when choosing a lubricant:

  1. Always choose the product according to its individual characteristics. In case your skin is more sensitive, go for gentle options enriched with nourishing substances and adapted pH.
  2. Plan in advance which toys and condoms you will use with which type of lubricant. Latex condoms are not compatible with massage oils.
  3. Lean towards silicone and water-based products, but keep in mind that you can only use silicone with metal and glass toys.
  4. Add more sensuality and new emotions by using lubricants with tingling, warming or cooling effects.
  5. Follow the instructions set by the manufacturer as far as use, cleaning, shelf life and storage are concerned.

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