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Realistic dildos

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What is a realistic dildo?

A realistic dildo is a type of sex toy that looks and feels extremely similar to a real penis. There are also models equipped with realistic testicles at the base. Artificial penises usually also have realistic veins in addition to the testicles to provide a realistic feel. Many models are equipped with a suction cup at their base, which can be used to grip to smooth surfaces, but also allows for use alongside a strap-on harness. Some models of realistic dildos possess the ability to ejaculate.

Artificial penises are adapted for use by both women and men. Sexual orientation is practically irrelevant, everyone can benefit from the pleasure that this kind of toys deliver. Many women in same-sex relationships don’t want to part with the feeling of penetration, and realistic dildos are perfect for use with penis belts. Especially for women who don’t have a steady partner, it’s important to have an artificial penis in their nightstand that’s always ready for a little action. KEX strives to offer a wide variety of high quality realistic dildos. In case you’re looking for a new bedroom helper, check out our curated selection.

What to do with a realistic dildo?

Women as well as men can enjoy penetration from a realistic dildo. It is also suitable for foreplay between couples. The veins running the entire length of the artificial penis, combined with the realistic testicles at the base, allow you to enjoy the most realistic sensation possible. There is also a huge choice of models, varying in colour, material and size.

How to use a realistic dildo?

In order to enjoy the new one with an artificial penis to the fullest and get a shattering orgasm, it is necessary to relax as a start. No matter how big the realistic dildo is or what material it is made of, it is necessary to apply lubricant on the surface of the toy. It’s also a good idea to spread some on your vagina or anus as well to make sure everything is slippery enough. Insert the artificial penis and move it back and forth at a pace that pleases you. If you’re using the toy as part of foreplay, you can also let your partner take control of the movements.

There are models of dildos that are hollow inside and allow the man to insert his own penis into the hole. They are suitable for lengthening and thickening the penis to deliver more pleasure.

What to watch out for when using realistic dildos?

Make sure to use a solid amount of lubricant to avoid the possibility of injury or pain from penetration. In case the artificial penis is made of silicone, use a water-based product as silicone-based cosmetics would ruin the surface of the toy. Provide products suitable for cleaning before and after each use, such as a special sex toy disinfectant spray. Maintaining high hygiene of your realistic dildo will increase its lifespan and prevent unpleasant infections from developing.

What to consider before buying a realistic dildo?

You will find all kinds of realistic dildos. The answer to the question “Which is the best?” lies entirely in personal preference, but there are nevertheless several factors you can take into account while choosing yours. Have you already chosen a particular model? In that case, you can ask yourself what qualities you want it to possess.

  • Color

The realistic dildos you will find on this page come in all sorts of colours. Probably your first association would be that a realistic model should be skin coloured, but there are also coloured artificial penises. They may be colored pink, blue or some other way, but the realistic veins, testicles and glans add to the realistic feel. You can also find transparent realistic dildos.

  • Waterproof

Chances are you will want to enjoy your new realistic dildo in the shower or in the bath. Most of the models offered on this page are waterproof, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Material

The realistic dildos that you can check out here are made of different materials like silicone, jelly and more. All models offer a sensation as close to the real thing as possible no matter what they are made of, thanks to the details on the surface of the toy. Some materials are softer than others and allow for use in more kinky poses. All artificial penises are made from materials that are safe for the body when used with water-based lubricants.

  • Sizes

One of the most important things when choosing a realistic dildo is necessarily its size. In case you are just getting into the world of sex toys, it might be a good idea to start with a model whose length is somewhere in the lower and middle range of our suggestions. If you are looking for something extreme we advise you to filter the page to show dildos over 20 cm. Diameter is also definitely a big consideration when choosing a suitable artificial penis, so take it into account by taking advantage of the maximum diameter filter.

Where to buy an artificial penis?

Of course the right place to find a suitable realistic vibrator is at KEX. Here there are a variety of sex toys men, women and couples. Everyone can find something for themselves thanks to the variety of products and price ranges. We are sure that the dildos you will find here will give you indescribable pleasure. Sometimes a man wants to diversify his relationship or get more pleasure from self-pleasuring, in a way that only an artificial penis can. Choose the right realistic dildo online and dive into the pleasure!

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