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Anal dildos

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What is an anal dildo?

The anal dildo is specially designed to give you every drop of pleasure. And in an area of the body that still remains undiscovered, or at least not fully, by an awful lot of people. In the anus, many nerve endings gather, because of which the creation of pleasurable sensations is guaranteed, regardless of whether the anal dildo stands still or moves during play. The shape of anal dildos is quite different from the classic ones. Often they are narrowed at the beginning to facilitate penetration, as the anus is much narrower than the vagina. Quite a few anal dildo models have a spherical structure that helps them adapt to the ergonomics of the anus. By holding it by the handle and giving it a back and forth motion, you can easily and comfortably use the dildo for anal stimulation. The anal dildo is wide at its end to ensure safety during play, namely not ending up in the ER with a toy stuck deep in your anus.

What are the different types of anal dildos?

The different types of anal dildos vary in size – from shorter to longer, in type – from anal dilators to removable dildos, but there are also inflatable models, glass dildos or ones with a spherical shape. There’s a huge choice of different shapes, sizes and functions, making it easy for even the most inexperienced to have fun. Simply put, you need to try out which dildo model you like best and fits your sexual desires and preferences. Discover how an anal vibrator can help you reach new peaks of pleasure by stimulating one of your most erogenous zones. This makes sex in any form several times more fun. Anal dildos are both a sex toy for women and a sex toy for men, and should not be avoided or looked at with prejudice as this will lead to many missed pleasurable moments.

Can an anal dildo get stuck?

No need to worry that the anal dildo might get stuck. Because of its wide end, you can safely insert it all the way into your anus and take it out whenever you want. With a regular dildo, however, there is a possibility of this happening. So pay attention to the wide base on this dildo model.

How to use an anal dildo?

As with all other types of anal toys, you should use a generous amount of lube when using an anal dildo. This is important because the anus, unlike the vagina, has no natural moisture production. However, moisture is absolutely necessary to avoid unintentional injury and to fully enjoy the pleasure. Before using an anal dildo, it is necessary to first stretch your anus either by using your fingers or with an anal dilator. Once you have achieved this, you can gently insert the dildo. If you are still new to this area it is a good idea to first move the dildo yourself to find out what you like and discover the limits of what gives you pleasure and what does not. Besides, an anal dildo is a pretty good way to get an idea of what anal sex feels like.

Advice from KEX

Using an anal douche before using an anal dildo is optional. In case you do not feel like going to the toilet, there will be no faeces in your rectum. However, if you feel more relaxed like this, there is nothing wrong.

Who are anal dildos suitable for?

Anal dildos are suitable for all people who want to diversify their sex life or just like anal sex. At the same time, they are also the right choice for those who love anal masturbation. Anal dildos are especially arousing for men, as the prostate is known as the male G-spot. When stimulated, it can contribute to extremely intense and shattering orgasms. However, the anus is also an erogenous zone for many women.

How to clean an anal dildo?

High hygiene is quite important with anal toys. This is also the reason why anal dildos are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Before and after use, wash the dildo thoroughly with lukewarm water and mild soap to remove any residue. It is also a good idea to use a special toy disinfectant. To store it for as long as possible store it in a soft cloth bag, away from heat and sunlight.

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