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Rabbit vibrators

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What is a rabbit vibrator?

Ordinary vibrators are used as substitutes for a real penis as they stimulate in a very similar way either by moving back and forth or by massaging the clitoris. The huge difference with the bunny vibrator is that it satisfies both erogenous zones at the same time. Near the base, there is always a sort of growth coming out of the main part of the toy that makes this possible. Its purpose is to externally stimulate the erogenous zones around the vagina – the clitoris, or if reversed – the anus. The simultaneous massage of the vagina and clitoris delivers incomparably intense and dizzying pleasure.

What types of rabbit vibrators exist?

Bunny vibrator manufacturers create two varieties that are categorized according to how many erogenous zones they can stimulate simultaneously.

Rabbit vibrators with 2 massagers

Most often you’ll find bunny vibrators of this type, where the more bulbous part of the toy stimulates the vagina from the inside, and the smaller “growth” is used to stimulate the clitoris or anus.

Rabbit vibrators with 3 massagers

Bunny type vibrators have the function to stimulate a woman in 3 places, simultaneously. Compared to the previous variety, the models of this sub-category have another “outgrowth” that is tailored specifically for anal stimulation, in addition to the one that stimulates the clitoris.

What to look for when choosing a rabbit vibrator?

When choosing your new acquisition, it’s a good idea to consider the criteria listed below.

  • Shape and size

Whether there is an additional stimulator attached to the base of the vibrator in the form of a bunny or dolphin, bunny vibrators offer a huge choice of shapes, sizes and colors. First of all, it’s a good idea to make sure that the model you choose will be suitable for your personal anatomy. A slimmer shape allows the toy to penetrate deeper into the vagina, while wider models create a more filling sensation due to the increased tension on the vaginal walls. The well-defined and rounded tip is tailored for G-spot stimulation. Additional elements such as waves, protrusions, beads, etc. serve for a more sensual sensation while the vibrator moves inside you.

  • Motor and vibration

When it comes to the motor of your chosen toy, make sure it has as many and varied ways to deliver pleasure as possible. Adjustable levels of stimulation – from lighter and gentler vibrations to extremely intense pulsations – will provide exactly the sensation you’re aiming for and will be sure to help you reach climax. Simpler and therefore budget models have only a few levels of vibration. Models whose vibrations are freely adjustable without degrees and offer separate control of intensity and vibration type are proving more convenient. Select models also have a thrusting function for more pleasure, while others have a separate motor for the clitoral stimulator for more intense stimulation.

  • Control

Functions are usually selected and changed from the buttons at the base of the vibrator bunny. Some particular models offer the setting of a specific program that combines several types of stimulation for incredible moments of ecstasy. Other toys make it easy to operate them, thanks to a remote or a specially adapted mobile app.

  • Materials

The most common material used to make bunny vibrators is medical grade silicone. This waterproof material also allows it to be used in the bathroom.

  • Power supply

Very rarely will you find a vibrator that you have to plug into the mains. Almost all are powered by batteries, whether rechargeable or replaceable, you can find out from the description under the specific model. You should be careful not to leave batteries in the house as you could easily end up running dry. And sometimes the batteries in the TV remote also run out. If you remember to charge them, rechargeable models will always be ready for you, and they are also more environmentally friendly.

How do I properly use a rabbit vibrator?

  1. Put a water-based lubricant on the toy and the places you are going to stimulate.
  2. Start slowly to get excited and relaxed. Then start inserting more and more of the toy, amplifying the vibration accordingly to your personal preference.
  3. You can use a condom to protect the vibrator and make it easier to clean after you’re done having fun.
  4. Clean your toy thoroughly with water and mild soap, using specially formulated cosmetic products to disinfect it.

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