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Sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie to seduce as you like

Erotic lingerie is the perfect finishing touch to any look. Whether you choose to wear it under your outfit or alone during foreplay, it will make the experience that much more arousing. Beautiful and seductive lingerie has the power to lift the confidence of its owner and help them feel irresistible. The more confident you are in sex, the more pleasure you will experience. No matter what your body type, erotic lingerie can be chosen to accentuate your curves perfectly. It’s a great option to bring variety to sex, and if you know your partner’s taste well enough, lingerie can also be a very appropriate gift. This way, you will not only surprise your partner pleasantly, but also be sure that the evening will be more than exciting.

What types of sexy lingerie are there?

Sexy lingerie includes all types of bodysuits, suits, bras, panties, sets, garters, stockings, pantyhose, corsets, dresses and accessories. When it comes to brands, colors, patterns and fabrics, we offer a wide variety from which you will be able to select the lingerie that will make you feel the sexiest and most attractive. Here is a more detailed description of the individual categories:


Bodysuits cover the torso and there is no need to wear a bra and panties. It fits completely to your body, accentuating your curves. Bodysuits can be without or with built-in cups to hold the breasts, and the bottom can be in the shape of a thong or panties. Revealing bodysuits are extremely sexy and allow you to wear them even during sexual intercourse.

Lingerie Sets

In case you’re heading towards erotic lingerie in two pieces, in this category you’ll find comfortable but very seductive sets consisting of bras and thongs/panties. These are especially suitable to be worn under your clothes while out and about, and at the same time look slutty and ready for action as soon as you get home and take off your outfit.

Dresses and skirts

Seductive dresses and skirts are not only extremely arousing but also provide quick access, which is exactly why they are recommended if you are a fan of sex in public. Most of the items are concealing enough to wear them out and about without worry. Also, products from this category are suitable for themed parties and Halloween costumes.


Do you like role playing games? The costume section will satisfy your fantasies. Nurse, cat woman, maid, policeman and many more erotic costumes will diversify your sexual life, bringing excitement of unknown experiences. Both genders admit to having fetishes for this type of erotic lingerie, which is what makes it so popular, and often chosen as a gift.


Corsets, which are especially popular nowadays, belong to erotic lingerie for a reason. They tighten and shape the female body, making the waist look perfect and the breasts bigger and juicy. Whether you choose a corset that fits under the neckline or one with built-in cups for the breasts, it will look very classy and seductive. If your goal is to be truly irresistible, we recommend pairing the corset with matching panties, garters and stockings. Then the memories of the experience will be truly unforgettable.

Bikinis and thongs

The selection of erotic panties/thongs is important to achieve a complete look. You can pair them with a bra or corset, whether they be revealing or plain. In case you are going for comfortable sexy lingerie, it is advisable to choose cotton ones. However, if you want to look slutty, you can opt for leather, latex or lace lingerie. It will surely boost your self-confidence and make your partner’s wettest dreams come true.

Tights, stockings and garters

A pair of beautiful, high stockings, sexy tights and garters can completely transform a woman’s look. Legs look due, subtle and alluring, and if you let parts of these accessories protrude under your dress or skirt while in public, it will drive your better half crazy. This type of erotic lingerie will make you feel like a sexy goddess without being vulgar or suggestive.

Revealing underwear

Almost all types of sexy lingerie can be revealing. Bras have nipple openings or are ones that only outline the breasts without having fabric covering them. Thongs and panties in turn have a slit at the bottom or the bottom is missing entirely. They are a very good option in case you are planning to have sex outdoors and have chosen to pair the panties with a short dress or skirt.

Erotic underwear for men

Many members of the stronger sex tend to wear erotic lingerie, be it full suits, briefs, thongs or boxers. Mesh, leather, and latex fabrics are especially favored by men. An interesting idea in case you like long foreplay is to choose a seductive underwear suitable for your body and do a striptease show for your partner to heat up the atmosphere as much as possible before the intercourse itself.

How to choose the right sexy lingerie for you or your partner?

First and foremost, it is extremely important that you feel comfortable, confident and sexy while wearing your underwear. Knowing yourself and knowing which fabrics, colors and sizes are right for you and suit you, the choice won’t be difficult. Aim for lingerie that suits your body type, such as leg-lengthening, breast-lifting, butt-shaping. As mentioned above, if you plan to have sex outside your home, choosing a dress or skirt as well as a bottomless bikini will make it much easier. Last but not least, the confidence with which you use your underwear is always key when it comes to how attractive you will look.

Hygiene and laundry

If you own erotic lingerie made from delicate fabrics like latex that often require hand washing, don’t risk putting it in the washing machine. Always check the label beforehand and follow the washing instructions exactly. A good option for thongs, bras, garters and any underwear that you have specifically verified can be put in the washing machine is to use a bag/net specifically designed for these purposes. It is recommended that the programme you will be washing on is more gentle with a low spin. Don’t put your sexy lingerie in the dryer, but let it dry on a stretch.

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