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What is a masturbator?

A masturbator is a type of device used for sexual gratification, mainly used by men and also referred to as an artificial vagina. Using a masturbator makes self-pleasuring easier and more enjoyable. There are different types of models of devices in the market, mainly falling into two groups – those equipped with stimulating vibrations, and others imitating the female sex organ.

The idea of using a masturbator is to increase sexual arousal and lead to ecstasy. On our website you can find several types of masturbator type toys that function differently.

Who are masturbators and artificial vaginas for?

Men are predominantly the gender that uses this type of sex toy. They are designed to stimulate the male sex organ, helping to reach orgasm. There are also devices that can be used to stimulate the anus. They are also suitable for use by women as many also find anal stimulation particularly exciting.

At the same time, there are also manufacturers who have developed products that are suitable for use by men, women or two men at the same time. Devices suitable for couples contain two, interconnected, masturbators. As with any toy, personal preference plays the biggest role in choosing the right masturbator.

How does a masturbator function?

The main purpose of the masturbator is to provide stimulation to the male sex organ. This is possible to achieve in different ways depending on the functions that a given masturbator possesses. Some of the masturbators are extremely realistically made artificial vaginas that look like real ones and come as close to the real feeling as possible. The man sticks his member into the opening of the toy and with a back and forth motion simulates intercourse. The slight pressure of the smooth material on the member, as well as the friction enhanced by protrusions, lead to more sensual sensations, stronger arousal and more intense orgasms.

Some artificial vaginas also feature additional stimulation methods. For example, they have a heating function available, which means that using them will be closer to the actual experience. There are also masturbators that have the function to vibrate, enhancing the erection to bring the wearer to an intense climax. There is one thing that can be said to be common to all types of masturbators and artificial vaginas – they stimulate a man’s erogenous pleasure points.

What types of masturbators and artificial vaginas exist?

There is a wide range of masturbators that come in different sizes and with a variety of features. Generally speaking, a major distinction can be made between functions and features. In the following lines, you can read more about the two main catherogies:

  • Vibrating Masturbators
  • Unpowered and Vibrating Artificial Vaginas

Vibrating masturbators

Masturbators that have moving parts and/or a motor, and require energy to function, are in most cases categorized as vibrating. In order to perform their function, they are equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery or a battery compartment to supply the artificial vagina with the electricity it needs. The most common functions of this type of toy would be vibration, heating and squeezing for more friction. Their idea is that each of these functions individually or combining them leads to more pleasure. There are quite a few devices that bring pleasure without being held in the hand. A lot of men share that electric masturbators help in pleasure filled intensity and a shorter path to orgasm.

As a disadvantage can be identified the batteries that are needed to operate the toy. Apart from being harmful to the environment and creating toxic waste on the one hand, on the other, you may find yourself without batteries to replace or an uncharged built-in battery just when you want to let loose. This would leave you with no alternative but to find the other batteries or wait for the built-in one to charge. An additional disadvantage of electric masturbators can be that some of them cannot be used underwater or would get damaged on contact with water while cleaning them. Additionally, artificial vaginas that do not have electricity-powered features are cheaper than those that do.

Artificial vaginas without power and vibration

Some of the masturbators have no electrical functions and are often referred to as artificial vaginas. In most cases they are made to look exactly like a vagina, providing stimulation through protrusions, friction and the material itself, which resembles human skin. The cost of an artificial vagina is lower than that of an electric masturbator, making them a more budget-friendly and affordable option for getting pleasure. In addition, many of the models can be safely used in the shower or in the bath. Being waterproof makes them extremely easy to clean and prevents the development of germs and bacteria that would otherwise harm you. Another big plus of artificial vaginas is that they don’t need any kind of power supply to be able to enjoy them.

However, for maximum pleasure, the use of lubricant is recommended. Another big difference compared to electric masturbators is that you need to operate the toy yourself and literally need to work yourself up with your hands to climax. Additionally, some men say that the stimulation from an artificial vagina is not enough for them, and so they prefer the additional features like heating and vibration of electrically powered masturbators.

What features do masturbators have?

The main purpose of masturbators is for the man to experience more pleasure and more intense orgasms when masturbating. In most cases, their structure closely resembles a vagina. The narrow inner part of the toy, which most toys boast, simulates the narrowness of the channels in the female sex organ by stimulating the penis through friction. There are also features designed to enhance the effect of arousal. These include:

Vibrating function

The masturbator hums softly, gently massaging the penis. On most models it is possible to adjust the intensity level, choosing different levels and degrees of stimulation. The vibrations alone can bring you to orgasm.

Suction function

Some masturbator models have the function to suck, giving a feeling of pressure, tightness and pulling. For many men, this means a higher level of arousal.

Heating function

The coldness, besides being a bit hard to bear, makes the sensation of the toy less realistic. Therefore, the heat generated by the masturbator makes sure that the sensation is as close to real as possible, simulating the warmth of the female sex organ.

Squeezing function

This feature takes care to deliver that sensation, massaging the member and delivering pleasure.

Which criteria to consider when buying a masturbator or artificial vagina?

You are sure to find a wide range of masturbators on the market with a variety of features and different designs. To make sure that you make the right choice that will satisfy your personal requirements and preferences, it would be useful to take certain criteria into consideration before purchasing an artificial vagina. The following lines list the most important criteria to look out for when making a purchase:

  • Shape
  • Features
  • Power
  • Supply
  • Waterproof
  • Availability
  • Size
  • Material
  • Availability of additional accessories
  • Bulges inside the toy


Masturbators can vary greatly in how they look. Some have a relatively simplistic tube shape, while others are elongated in shape – suitable for a different experience. It is common for masturbators to be modelled after female genitalia and even famous adult film stars. A lot of men fall especially for artificial vaginas and female mouth masturbators. Generally here personal preferences play a big role in choosing the right toy.


Not to repeat ourselves unnecessarily, you can take a look at the guide above, where the different types of functionalities in masturbators have already been presented. The most appropriate choice will depend on what appeals more to the person in question.

Power supply

Electric masturbators can be powered by either replaceable or rechargeable batteries. The advantage of removable is that you don’t have to wait until your toy is charged and can be used again, but out of consideration for the environment they are not a particularly suitable choice. Toys that are powered by rechargeable batteries most times also have a charger included in the kit. With its help, you can easily and safely recharge your new acquisition.

Presence of water resistance

Most often, toys that do not have electrical mechanisms have the quality of being waterproof, allowing them to be used under running water or in the bath. This, of course, also makes it much easier to maintain high hygiene, as cleaning itself is simplified beyond belief. There are also masturbator models that water cannot harm, but this is always well indicated. Some models are only protected from splashing but not from submersion under water (where pressure becomes an issue). With powered masturbators care should always be taken in cleaning, and to what extent they are protected from the destructive power of water.


The size of your new masturbator matters! This is where you need to think about whether you’ll keep your new acquisition just in the bedside table next to the bed, or whether you’ll put it in your suitcase when you travel occasionally. A smaller size would take up less space and be easier to carry around, but it won’t be able to offer you the sensation of deep penetration if you’re more gifted. As for the inside of the masturbator, it shouldn’t be too narrow so as not to cause any discomfort in the penis. At the same time, it should also not have too large an internal diameter, as this would mean reduced stimulation.


Masturbators need to be made with materials that are not harmful to the body and would not cause adverse reactions in contact with the skin. Also, a smooth surface without dents and cavities would make cleaning easier, and would limit the chances of bacteria developing on the surface of the toy. A significant number of masturbator models available on the market are made of polyethylene and silicone, which are compatible with the skin, are flexible and deliver a satisfyingly realistic sensation to the touch.

Availability of additional accessories

Some masturbator manufacturers also produce optional accessories that can be used alongside your new acquisition. You will read more about these a little further down. The most common accessories in this case would be lubricants and extra sleeves that contribute to a different sensation.

Bulges inside the toy

Stimulation is often enhanced by small protrusions inside the masturbator where the toy comes into contact with the penis. The idea is to provide a more varied and pleasurable sensation when in use.

Where to buy a masturbator?

In Bulgaria, masturbators are only available in specialized erotic stores, which are either physical stores or online like KEX. The advantage of offline shopping is that you can see the size on the spot and more easily judge if you like something. However, the big disadvantages are that, the selection is relatively limited and the final price high. Anyone who has walked into a store like this knows what prices are all about. Plus, your purchase can’t be as discreet as if you shop online.

What price to pay for a masturbator?

Masturbators are sold in a relatively wide price range. You can find simpler models that fall more in the low teens. Of course, as the number of features increases, so does the price of the masturbator. More elaborately arranged toys that include more extras fall in the middle and high end of the range.

How to use a masturbator?

The exact use of your masturbator will depend on the specific model, its shape and features. In the following lines you can read some tips for use:

Cleaning: For most models, the rule applies that you can use soap and water to clean them. It is a good idea to use a sex toy cleaning spray for total disinfection. Be careful when cleaning toys with power!

Find out more about the features: In case your masturbator is one of those that is powered by electricity, it is a good idea to initially find out about the available features.

Use of lubricant: Using a suitable lubricant with the masturbator (in most cases water-based) is to be recommended as it facilitates sliding and increases stimulation. If the artificial vagina is rubbed dry against the skin of the penis, it is possible to get uncomfortable and painful injuries, which can also eventually lead to inflammation.

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