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Anal vibrators

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What is an anal vibrator?

There is no doubt that vibrators help to achieve pleasure in many people. Anal vibrators are suitable for both men and women, and their growing popularity is the reason for the availability of a wide range of different models on the market. They help to sexually satisfy the anal area and can be used during masturbation or during foreplay by both same-sex and heterosexual couples. With their pleasurable vibrations and different functionalities, anal vibrators promise many orgasmic moments to anyone who likes to experiment and reinvent both themselves and the world of sex pleasures.

What is the difference between anal vibrators and regular vibrators?

The difference between anal vibrators and regular vibrators is in the shape and design. High-quality toys are always equipped with a wider end that deters unintentional penetration too deep, which can lead to getting stuck in the anus. One of the main distinguishing features of anal vibrators is the thinner tip, which helps to adapt to rectal conditions more easily. With proper use, this is the reason no injury or pain is expected. An additional, yet extremely valid reason for separating anal vibrators from vaginal vibrators is to prevent vaginal yeast infections from the intestines. At the same time, this approach protects the sensitive anal mucosa from contamination with germs and bacteria.

Are vibrations stimulating to the anal area?

In any case, the vibrations are extremely stimulating for the anal area. Many people find the rhythmic movements soothing and at the same time particularly arousing. Not infrequently, men quickly switch to direct prostate stimulation. For this purpose, anal vibrators with a variety of designs are suitable, with the help of which you can stimulate yourself or your partner. What’s more, watching your lover self-pleasuring also acts very stimulating.

But also for lustful experiments in private, the anal vibrator is suitable for highly erotic moments. And what men like, women like in the same way, as the double stimulation of the vagina and anus allows to plunge into waves of pleasure. The only thing to watch out for if you’re a beginner is to choose a toy with a slightly smaller diameter to begin with.

How to correctly use an anal vibrator?

For getting pleasure with your new toy filled with intensity, it is good to pay attention to proper use. An essential factor is choosing a thicker lubricant to apply on your vibrator and anus. Proper posture is also important – a squatting, or slightly bent position where you can prop yourself up on your knees would help for easier penetration.

In case it is your first time, approach carefully and massage your anus to relax and prepare it for the anal vibrator. Once you insert it and get used to the new sensation, you will discover what works for you and embark on exploring new experiences. The vibrations are adjustable in several levels of speed and intensity according to your personal preference. You can turn on the vibrations of the anal vibrator before or already after penetration, with the exact timing entirely up to you. Experiment and discover for yourself what gives you pleasure and brings you to ecstasy!

What types of anal vibrators are there?

You have the opportunity to choose from all sorts of anal vibrators from famous manufacturers around the world. The models are mainly adapted for prostate stimulation, but can also be used by women. This type often adopts an L-shape, with tailored tips at the tip and thickened sections at the base, allowing dual stimulation – of the prostate and perineum. The intensity can be adjusted quite seamlessly from the knob, and some models also have a remote device that can stand in the partner’s hands.

There are also thin penis moulds for men and women that are made of soft and easily slippery material. How about an anal vibrator in the form of an anal rosary or a model with an integrated back and forth penetration function? The range of anal vibrators is huge, just like the world of sex toys, so you’re sure to find something suitable. Who knows, you might even buy a few different models to swap out depending on your current preference.

Proper care and hygiene for your anal vibrator

Every good thing comes to an end sooner or later. In order to enjoy every next exciting sexual adventure to the fullest, you need to take care of your anal vibrator. In this case, it’s all about diligent cleaning to remove any germs and bacteria that could lead to nasty infections. In most cases, it is enough to clean the toy with a little liquid soap and warm water. However, in case your toy is not waterproof you should be a little more careful and clean it with a damp sponge or cloth. You can also find special antibacterial cleaning products that are gentle on the surface of the sex toy. They do not harm the soft sensitive material of your anal vibrator, but still have an effective disinfecting effect.

After drying or letting it dry, it is best to store it at room temperature, protected from dust and direct sunlight. Not that you’d leave your toys on display, but all sorts of people do, so we thought we’d warn you anyway. If you follow the above rules, you’ll ensure a long time of wonderful emotions with your anal vibrator.

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