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Clitoral stimulators

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Clitoral Stimulator - Online from KEX

There are many different types of vibrators, but this one is entirely designed for external stimulation.

In other words, the clitoral stimulator does not penetrate, but stimulates the clitoris from the outside only. This is also the main difference with other types of vibrators that resemble a dildo and are used to penetrate the vagina. If you are looking for a clitoral stimulator at a reasonable price, then you should make sure that its shape is ergonomic and fits snugly to the female body, providing the desired stimulation.

What types of clitoral stimulators are there?

In case you wish to buy a clitoral stimulator, there are basically two types to choose from. There are clitoral stimulators that work with vibrations, and those that work with pressure waves and are also called “suction”. The sensation is very similar to oral sex.

Both technologies offer their advantages, and the decision of which one to trust depends entirely on personal preference, as not every woman likes oral sex. However, when it comes to getting an orgasm, you should know that clitoral stimulation is of utmost importance. Around 37% cannot reach climax without it. At the same time, 36% of women say that they manage to reach more intense orgasms when they combine penetration with clitoral stimulation. It is therefore very important for a woman to be stimulated in this way, for which a clitoral stimulator is perfect.

What are the advantages of clitoral stimulators?

In case you wish to purchase one, you should know that a clitoral stimulator only affects the clitoris as the name suggests. This means that you may experience an even more intense orgasm than from penetration. The other honest advantage is that you don’t need a sexual partner by your side to orgasm.

In case you want to, you can use a clitoral stimulator in foreplay for extra arousal.

Many clitoral stimulator models are waterproof as well. A lot of women love to self-pleasure in the bath or shower and such a device makes the process immensely easier.

What are the advantages of a clitoral stimulator compared to a regular vibrator?

A clitoral stimulator is not inserted into the vagina, but is designed for external stimulation only – specifically a woman’s clitoris. It’s also smaller than most other types of vibrators, making it more discreet and perfect for when you want to take it with you.

The clitoral stimulator is a pretty good choice for pregnant women who need to let loose and give themselves a little pleasure. There’s no room for worry that the pressure waves might disturb or harm the baby, since the placenta acts as a protective barrier. However, it is good to take any noises into consideration after the 18th gestational week, as this is the point after which the baby begins to hear. Using this model of vibrator is also suitable for those women who have no previous experience with sex toys.

Another advantage that women share is that you cannot get used to the sensation and the stimulation gets boring. The feeling is always pleasurable and helps in reaching orgasm.

How is it correct to use a clitoral stimulator?

Once you purchase a clitoral stimulator, it’s also a good idea to know how it’s proper to use your new acquisition.

However, you shouldn’t worry at all as the usage is extremely simple. You just need to place it on the desired stimulation spot, turn it on and you will instantly start feeling the pleasurable waves and vibrations. There are quite a few models that only function on contact with the skin, having previously been in standby mode. The moment the toy no longer touches the skin, it stops working.

Quite a few of the existing clitoral stimulator models have different levels of intensity. It is recommended to start at the lower levels and build up with higher ones until you reach orgasm. There are also models that, thanks to their automatic mode of operation, change intensity levels by themselves. When using such a clitoral stimulator, all you need to do is sit or lie down comfortably and let yourself be pleasured.

Is the clitoral stimulator suitable for women who have difficulty reaching or not experiencing orgasm?

Many women who have difficulty reaching orgasm share that pressure wave technology has helped them finally reach orgasm. By stimulating the clitoris and without additional skin contact, the rest of a woman’s private areas are not overstimulated. Furthermore, each woman can decide for herself what the intensity level should be and increase or decrease it whenever she wishes. In this way, the toy meets the individual needs of the woman.

Can a clitoral stimulator be used in foreplay with a partner?

The answer is a 100% “Yes!” as it can give a woman immense pleasure. Moreover, she will be more aroused and the foreplay will be more intense if she has previously had an orgasm. One partner can stimulate the other with, or watch themselves being stimulated.

Men also have erogenous zones on which a clitoral stimulator can be used. This also makes the device very suitable for couples.

How to clean a clitoral stimulator?

It is recommended to clean your toy before using it for the first time and after each subsequent use.

Most models are made of hypoallergenic silicone, which is suitable for skin and mucous membrane contact. They should only be cleaned with gentle, gentle cleansers.

To clean it, you need to remove the stimulating attachment or be careful not to get water in the casing while cleaning it with warm water and soap. For disinfecting, it’s a good idea to use a special sex toy cleaner as it doesn’t harm the silicone or you.

The clitoral stimulator is best stored in a cloth bag to keep it from getting dirty and straight.

Where can I buy a clitoral stimulator from?

If you want to buy an affordable clitoral stimulator that isn’t an outlandish price, there’s no need to worry – almost gone are the days when going into a sex shop was taboo in itself.

Still, the best place to find a suitable toy is online because of the wide variety of products you can find. It’s also a lot cheaper as physical stores sell at higher prices because of their higher costs related to rent, logistics, etc.

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